Online Booking System for service-based businesses

Turn your site visitors into customers, letting them book you right away, eliminating back and forth emails, calls, and messages.

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Manage appointments and payments all in one place

On top of keeping your schedule up-to-date and allowing customers to make appointments online, you can now automate and easily manage no-shows, emergency bookings, rescheduling on short notice, and more.

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For your scheduling needs

Appointment booking

Customers can book and manage their appointments online with automated notifications, and staff calendars

Customer & employee management

Analytic reports help businesses to understand customer behaviour to better manage their online and offline expectations

Service management

Showcase a wide range of services provided, its respective price, occasional promotions for customers to easily engage with your brand

Email notifications

Automated email notifications can be set up to show the customisable different status of appointments

Holiday management

Integrate holidays to avoid clash of dates while customers book online

Self-booking website

Reduce message and call time by allowing customers to book an appointment directly on a site provided by us, completely hassle-free

Social media integration

With a simple click of a button on your social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram, customers can book appointments or purchase your services

Payment processing

Using Stripe or Paypal, businesses can easily accept credit and debit card payments

Benefits of an online booking system

24/7 availability

Your customers can schedule an appointment at their convenience through social media, website or your customised booking site provided by us

No downloading of apps

Customers don’t have to download any app to access your booking platform. Easily share links via email, messaging or even over a phone

Reduce no-shows

By sending auto-reminders, we can significantly reduce the no-shows. You can customise the intervals for the reminders

Employee scheduling

Manage individual employee’s timetable and allow for flexible scheduling to maintain transparency

Insights into your business

Analytics dashboard and report help to track and manage your performance indicators such as number of bookings, completed appointments, cancellations and more

Time and money efficient

Minimise phone calls, manually managing schedules by empowering customers to make their own appointments, selecting their own preferred time and date. Automate confirmation emails and reminders to save time and effort